Gobee User Manual

Smart Wheelchair named GoBee 1.0 series which features a unique paint criteria of Matte Paint Technique, along with Joystick Control feature.
With body size of 16″ wide, 16″ length & 16″ depth.
The price of this Wheelchair is 128,000 PKR with Joystick module.
This model is also available in customized section, with Voice & Mobile Application feature.
For Voice & Mobile module add on additional 10,000 PKR

SMART CANE User Manual

By God’s Grace,, and our group’s exertion,, AYECo. gladly shows,,

***************SMART CANE (Blind Man Stick)***************

The sharp trance stick thusly perceives the obstacle before the individual and give them a response by vibrating the stick and moreover with a notice sound. Through this, the outwardly weakened individual can careful about the obstructions previously him.