Some of Ours Satisfied Customers


Zain Mukhtar

Singer, Graphic Designer

He is a singer, graphic designer and an executive
member in a NGO which is working for the special
“When I heard about AYECo. that it is Pakistan’s
product and they have customer care & maintenance
service for any issue of the product. And secondly
AYECo. has cooperated with me, because having
wheelchair for disable person is a very expensive
luxury and AYECo. has helped me with this as I paid
some amount to them and rest now I can pay in
installments”– Zayn Mukhtar



Special Person

This wheelchair was donated to this secial person in
collaboration with Pakistan Society for Rehabilitation
of The Disabled (PSRD).
“Somehow when you sit in this wheelchair, it feels
very soft, yet strong, and this model has so many
features i was surprised it could do what it could do,
and by the way its foldable, not many wheelchairs
that have those features are foldable. Overall, its an
excellent quality wheelchair”– Ishfaq

sheraz watto

Sheraz Ahmed Watto

Excellent Student

A customized wheelchair for Sheraz Ahmed (from
Mianwali, who's hands movement was not
appropriate to control the joystick, but he uses his
foot to do all daily routine work, he is a school
topper, he writes with his foot, he also sends texts
using his foot) the only hinderence to his progress
was his restricted mobility, but now he can move on
his own, with his customized Gobee.

fatima zaidi

Fatima Zaidi

Social Activist

“This is simply the best wheelchair I have ever
used. I have tried other types and they always
had one problem or another. This chair is so
comfortable, team AYECo. and GoBee brand has
made life much more enjoyable.
The seating does not bother me like other chairs
and the frame is very strong and sturdy yet light. I
feel good that my love ones do not have to
burden with getting me frequent replacements or
in storing the chair for me. I recommend this chair highly.