Life of a boy living muscular dystrophy:

Muscular Dystrophy is a group of muscle diseases which weakens the Person’s skeletal muscles in some cases over time and in some since birth. I am also a patient of the same disease and my form is Myopathy.

Every day is a challenge for me from both ends Mentaly and Physically because in the society where we all live it is very difficult for someone who is living his\her life with this disease because in the past 72 years not a single Government didn’t even gave basic needs for the people suffering from this disease.

Back in childhood I realized I’m not as same as other kids, I was the only boy of my street who don’t play Cricket in the evening with friends I just used to sit in my balcony and imagined myself to be there not physically but dramatically but I never blamed people no matter how disheartened I become.

I always put my life on risk whenever I travel on main roads on my wheelchair because 90% of the time someone parked His\Her car in a very bad shape on the yellow line so I had to drive my wheelchair in the center of the road to cross it. Those who are reading this article please make sure you always park your Car, Bike and Auto in the parking stand or in any empty plot because your laziness of not walking few steps can take someone’s life.

One positive thing which always happened with me is that who ever came in my life wether they are, friends, social media friends, colleagues or family members 95% of them were loyal and really genuine with me, stood by my side and always supported me and for that no matter how much I thank my Allah it would be short and tha rest of the 5 percent who left I also take them as a blessing from Allah because they were the people who showed me some reality of life which is also really important.

We all know sometimes life becomes very bitter and we cannot blame anyone for it, In childhood I used to miss a lot of outings with my Cousins because they were also same of my age so they didn’t know how to manage me and of course I cannot blame them as well for this.

I’m a public speaker so whenever I go to any recoding or event I have to ask the organizations some extra questions like “Will you provide me a superintendent, Which car will you send me to pick because my wheelchair doesn’t fit in small car’s trunk, do you have a lift in your office” I know maybe I sound silly or irritating to them but without confirming these things it is impossible for me to go, you can say it is a special way of meeting others. lol

According to a research of famous website HealthLine a Muscular dystrophy patient’s average life is 19 to 23 years. Way back when I read that research I got scared that I’m going to die after few years but after some time I realized that as a Muslim I should never believe or admit any of these researches because our lives are only in control of Allah and as Allah told us in the Quran “And it is He Who gives life and causes death, and in His Control is the alternation of night and day (Quran 23:80) so as a Muslim no research is 1% comparable in front of my Allah’s saying.

I may look different but my pert and part of entertainment is also as same as normal folks, I love to listen music for hours, I like to have a great hairstyle, I’m a foodie person, a wrestling freak and a typical Pakistani boy who never miss a match of his Cricket team.

This disease with time also tightens your face muscles and tissue which creates pain while eating big bites and something hard which I’m also going through, not speaking properly in my case is the second biggest problem for me after having spine & backbone pain issues.

I faced a lot of ups and downs in life in such a small age so I decided instead of crippling about my pain in a dark room let’s make it my power and share It with world but because of tight muscles I cannot speak properly but still I continued my work thinking and believing that if my story has power than my accent doesn’t matter.

My religion taught me that my Lord has made human beings to help one another, Indeed he is the best planner & Indeed, Allah hasn’t created a human useless but its up to us how we do from the site that Allah has given to us. I want myself to be an inspiration and motivation for Millions so I took the step of becoming a public speaker 3 years back while thinking every great thing takes time and same will happen with me if I stay determined and fulfill my work with dignity and now I am a motivational speaker and a social media activist.

I want to end this article on a message to all the Muscular Dystrophy patients who read this I know all of you are battling a war with yourself but don’t give up no matter how hard the situation gets, all fingers don’t have same size, if one month you’re going through difficulties than trust me the coming 4 will be far better and full of happiness than the past 1 month which was full of sadness, so if you want the happy months in your life look yourself into the mirror and say to yourself that “I can and I will” daily & go for it. If you don’t trust yourself than no one else will because it all starts with you.


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