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Smartphone operated power wheelchair, with CallNGo feature, which makes it’s usage unique and inclusive for PWDs (Person with Disabilities), it’s user focused design and ergonomics, make it best mobility machine so far.
Powerful 3200 RPM set of two motors allow upto 30 (degree) inclined drive. complimented with long life battery pack, which enable the user to drive up to 40km per charge, while the charge time is as low as 100 minutes. With the top speed of 20 Kmph the chair provides its user, the comfort one demands from a power chair.
GoBee can be remotely controlled with a smartphone application, that comes with an excellent user interface to ensure comfort of the user, and easier handling of the machine.


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Ayub Yaqoob Engineering

Founded in July, 2018, AYECo has developed and launched Pakistan’s 1st Smart Wheelchair called GoBee. Over just a few months, AYECo (Pvt.) ltd. expanded from a team of four people to over one dozen employees. It is the only company in Pakistan that is locally manufacturing health tech assisted devices. AYECo has also developed a walking stick called Smart Cane for visually impaired people. The
company has already received many pre orders prior to launch. AYECo is now looking to launch a Green Electric Bike that will promote efficient transportation without having a negative impact on the environment. It is a Green Energy based concept, which states the issue of fusing of the transportation and the efficient power vitality, which decrease the environment contamination affect as well as
diminish the fuel issue. AYECo is a SECP registered, private limited company, working primarily in the research and development of new and innovative products. Our landmark product GoBee is titled as 1st smart wheelchair, which is both voice operated and android controlled. The idea of GoBee came into existence when the grandmother of Faaiz Arbab (Director and CEO of AYECo) suffered from a bone fracture and had to rely on a wheelchair. But power wheelchairs were too
expensive and were lacking after sales services. As there was no local manufacturing company in Pakistan, so Faaiz took this initiative and now AYECo is the first and only manufacturing company in Pakistan which produces power wheelchairs. AYECo not only produces power wheelchairs at an affordable price, with excellent after sales services but has developed a sustainable business model on “Better, Faster and Cheaper” principle. The existing market depends mainly on imported products, but these handful imported products cannot meet the huge demand as disability ratio in Pakistan is very high due to natural disasters, high accident rate and war on terror and the demand is constantly on the
rise. According to WHO, 15% of the world’s population has disabilities. If we take the average and apply this to Pakistan, the number of PWD’s (persons with disabilities) could be approx. 27 million.


Customer Focused

Our customer centric products are built and iterated with direct feedback from users. We believe that customers are the best research resource. All of AYECo’s products are inspired from nature.

Global Resources

We are not re-inventing wheel, in fact we are redesigning it with the globally available resources and solutions, built after hundreds of years of research.

Provides Quality

Maintaining quality standards is our top most priority while manufacturing. We ensure best quality while our product leaves from Factory

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